I hate and love the Winter Season

I hate and love the Winter Season

Fall season is over. It is the first day of Winter and here I am curling up like a ball on my bed all day. Just thinking about the long three months I have to endure gives me a brain freeze. Haha. I am not a winter-loving person, I love seeing snow that is for sure, but I do not like being in an ice-like place. I live in Northern California, and there is  supposed to be more sunlight here than any other places, but I still can’t handle the freezing temperature in the winter season.

Anyway, I am still thankful that I entered my second trimester of pregnancy during these colder months because I read that pregnant women tend to be easily exhausted in higher temperatures. I would have to confirm that after having some bouts of dizziness and exhaustion whenever I enter a very warm shopping store or just by not having fresh air when I am inside a car. So yeah, winter has its perks for pregnant women like me.

And hey, Christmas is this coming weekend already! Yay! Have a Merry Christmas y’all! 🎄



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